George T. Walsh Family History

In Still and Moving Pictures, 1925 to 2012


This site covers the family history of my late father, George Thomas Walsh, from his birth on July 9, 1925, in Boston, Massachusetts, to the date of his passing on March 2, 2012, in Boise, Idaho.  It is a work in progress, wherein I upload family photos and documents and add links, captions, information and comments when available and appropriate.  I welcome comments and more photos and information as well as any corrections, as I probably dated some photos with imprecision (i.e, with a circa label).

Included in this site are photographs, movies and documents pertaining primarily to my father and the following members of his family:

Father: Michael Joseph Walsh, deceased

Mother: Clyda Thomas Walsh, deceased

Sister: Jean Elizabeth Walsh (now Kenney), deceased

First Wife: Eloise Rathbun Walsh (now Lewis), deceased

First Child: Michael Rathbun Walsh

Second Child: Frank Rathbun Walsh

Third Child: Louisa Jean Walsh (now Campbell)

Second Wife: Ellen “Greig” Rattray McDonald (now Walsh), deceased

Stepson: James T. McDonald

Daughter-in-Law: Clair Smith Walsh, wife of Frank Walsh

I intend to provide links to any future websites covering the Kenney, Rathbun, Conningham, Smith, Rattray, McDonald or Campbell families.

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